Meet Tianna the T-Shirt Artist Fairy

Tianna Artist

Welcome back to the Teelie Turner Author website. We’re so pleased that you could join us. We’re excited to introduce you to Tianna the T-Shirt Artist Fairy. Teelie Turner has written a book about her called Tianna Attends a Magical Art Show. Her book is already available in Kindle form on Amazon. On the book cover, you’ll notice that she has brown hair but when she had her photo taken for her collection of merchandise, she had it colored blond. We’re going to look at a few of the items in Tianna’s incredible collection.


Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy™ Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

Incredible T-Shirts

Tianna has some incredible t-shirts in her collection of merchandise. You can find them in several different colors and styles on Redbubble. Tianna loves being creative with her designs. She’s also glad that many of her fairy friends have t-shirts available too.


 Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy™ Baby One-Piece

Cute Baby Clothes

Not only does Tianna offer clothing for adults, but she also has items for children and youth. Find some adorable baby one-piece onesies on Redbubble. Various colors and sizes are also available.


Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy™ Mouse Pad

Magical Mouse Pads

Tianna’s mousepads are also adorable. They have an image of her working at her easel coming up with stunning designs to go on t-shirts. You can learn some of her magical secrets in her book. Find her mousepad on Redbubble.

Tote Bag

Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy™ Tote Bag

Enchanted Tote Bags

Tote bags are amazing for carrying art supplies, books, groceries, and a number of other items. We are showing you the all-over print tote bag, but there is also a cotton model available. They come in small, medium, and large sizes. Full details can be found on Redbubble.


Tianna The T-Shirt Artist Fairy™ Apron

Multi-Purpose Aprons

Aprons are incredibly useful. They’re great to wear while cooking, crafting, carving pumpkins, painting, or gardening. Tianna’s image is featured on an apron. Find it on Redbubble.


Tianna The T-Shirt Fairy Square Pendant Bracelet

Lovely Pendant Bracelet

There is also an image of Tianna painting available on a lovely pendant bracelet. This square bracelet is available on Gearbubble and is one of several models available.


Tianna The T-Shirt Fairy Square Pendant Necklace – Gold

Delightful Necklace

Mixing and matching jewelry is a lot of fun. We found a delightful Tianna necklace on Gearbubble which would look lovely if you’re wearing a Tianna bracelet and/or t-shirt. It would also look nice with a number of other items of clothing like jeans and a sweater. Use your imagination to create the perfect Tianna look.


Tianna The T-Shirt Fairy Color Changing Mug

Magical from Black to White Mug

We also love this mug which changes colors from black to white when a hot beverage is poured into it. What magical drink do you plan to try first in this stunning Tianna mug? Find it on Gearbubble.

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