What Can I Read? An Adventure in Literacy

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Thank  you for joining us for this week’s blog post. We’d also like to invite you to continue visiting the Teelie Turner Author page for updates including new books coming soon. We are focusing on an adventure in reading and literacy this week. Too often, people are required to read something and may not enjoy the experience. We want to encourage you in your reading pursuits and let you know that reading comes in numerous forms. We hope that you’ll be willing to take a chance on it on your own terms. Reading isn’t just about books. It can also be about product labels, subtitles, or social media post. Anytime that you’re looking at works and digesting what they say, you’re reading. You may not even notice that you’re doing it, and in hindsight you might discover that you’re a reader even when you don’t qualify it as one of your favorite pastimes. We put together a list of eight different reading options, but that is only a handful of what can be read.

1. Read a Recipe
Family Cookbook Recipe Journal: A Blank Recipe Book for Family Favorites
2. Read a Magazine
Faerie Magazine Issue #25, Winter 2013: The Mermaids Issue
3. Read a Coloring Book
Color Me a Quote Coloring Book
4. Read a Comic Book
The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: a Calvin and Hobbes Treasury

Read a Recipe

Recipes are great adventures in reading. You get to combine finding out what ingredients are needed to make delicious food with the skill of reading. There are numerous cookbook options available. We decided to share the Family Cookbook Recipe Journal which will allow your family to write down their favorite recipes so that they’ll be at your fingertips the next time that you want to use your culinary creativity. This book is available on Amazon.

Read a Magazine

Magazines are also good reads, especially as there are lots of pictures and articles are usually short. There are plenty of choices for magazines available on any subject. We found an older issue of Faerie Magazine that had a magical issue on mermaids. Choose a magazine about something that you enjoy. You can find this magazine and more on Amazon.

Read a Coloring Book

Getting to read a coloring book is also a way to combine a hobby with reading. Coloring has become popular for all age groups. We found a ‘Color Me a Quote’ coloring book on Etsy, so sharpen your pencil crayons or grab your markers and enjoy the fun.

Read a Comic Book

Comic books are also a nice choice when it comes to taking a reading adventure. Most comic books tell a great story using great illustrations and minimal amounts of text. We decided to show you Bill Watterson’s ‘The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: a Calvin and Hobbes Treasury’ book which can be found on Amazon.

1. Read a Short Novel
The Secret Lake: A children's mystery adventure
2. Read a Word Search Book
Beautiful Word Search for Women: 80 Large-Print Puzzles (Large Print Word Search Books for Adults)
3. Read about a Hobby
Making the Most of Shade: How to Plan, Plant, and Grow a Fabulous Garden that Lightens up the Shadows
4. Read and Adventure With Your Children
What Should Danny Do? (The Power to Choose Series)

Read a Short Novel

Novels tell great stories but there are many shorter ones, like novellas which you can select if you’d rather not choose a longer book to read. Some of these books are suitable for children and adults. ‘The Secret Lake’ by Karen Inglis would fall into this category. You can find it on Amazon.

Read a Word Search Book

Word search puzzles, crosswords or other word puzzles make great reading choices. And, they can be qualified as reading since there are words involved. One word search book that we found on Amazon is called ‘Beautiful Word Search for Women: 80 Large-Print Puzzles.’

Read about a Hobby

When you choose to read about a hobby, it can make reading more enjoyable and you’ll be more focused on the content and less focused on the act of reading. Some enjoyable hobbies include fishing, quilting, horseback riding and gardening. We selected Larry Hodgson’s ‘Making the Most of Shade: How to Plan, Plant, and Grow a Fabulous Garden that Lightens up the Shadows.’  You can find it on Amazon.

Read and Adventure With Your Children

The final reading suggestion we have for you today is to make reading an adventure with your children. You can take turns reading a book or talking about it. We found The Power to Choose series written by Adir and Ganit Lenit and illustrated by Mat Sadler. The title of the book we’re sharing with you is ‘What should Danny Do?’ The story is one where you choose which ending, you’d like to see. It also shows how decisions can make a difference. This is therefore a book that is about more than reading. It is about enjoyment, family time and the impact that decision making can have on a life. You can find this book and others in the series on Amazon.

Thank you for taking the time to take this reading adventure with us today. Please continue to visit the Teelie Turner Author website to learn more about her work. We have also launched a contest on the Teelie’s Fairy Garden Facebook page which will allow you to help select a magical fairy or creature which will have a story written about it. Please take a second to place your vote.  You can also look for us on social media and Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.

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